Jun 04

Often, you’ll find that ingredients go on sale at different times. The canned tomatoes on sale a different week than the pasta. Or, as in my case, peppers going on sale in the week the dish I’ll use them in is not on the menu. So today, we offer a bit of preparing ahead. We don’t see much change in onions, but those peppers go on sale when in season, and we can’t walk away.


So take two large onions, slice them up, and saute, low heat, stirring every five minutes or so. When they start to brown, add 4 red peppers, cut into strips and cook at low heat until they are soft. This bowl shows about 2 cups of these peppers and onions, and they freeze very well for a future dish, which is just where we’ll use them in out next recipe which we’ll post Monday. Have a great weekend!

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