Mar 14

This soup is traditionally served at the Jewish holidays, so with Passover coming up we thought the timing was right to present it here. On the other hand, delicatessens in New York serve this dish year round.  A bit time consuming, but worth the effort.

8 Eggs (16oz cont FF eggs can be substituted, that’s what we used here)
2 cups matzo meal
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup oil

The oil should be one that’s not too strong tasting, peanut or olive oil are to be avoided, we used canola.

Pretty simple, whisk the eggs, water, and oil together, then slowly ad the matzo meal, stirring with a fork or spatula until it’s all mixed. Put this in the fridge for an hour to set.

With an icecream scoop or by hand, form balls with the mixture, this recipe will make about 12 matzo balls. I put these into the freezer for  a half hour now, this will help them keep their shape when cooking.

Drop into boiling water, and after the water starts boiling again, simmer (low flame) for 40 minutes, covered. They’ll be floating, and ready to serve.

The Chicken Stock we made some time back is perfect to serve these in. You can add some other vegetables or chicken if you prefer.

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Feb 13

This is a recipe for sugar coated nuts. When visiting New York City we’d pass vendors with a pan over an open flame making these nut fresh. After a bit of searching and a conversation with one vendor, we are now making this classic snack at home. They sell these for two or three dollars a bag, and when the vendor saw me staring at his pan after the sale he asked if I needed something. I gave him another $5, told him I was from out of town and asked him to tell me the secret. Ready? A copper pan and a wooden spoon.

2 Tbl water
1/4 cup sugar
1-1/4 cup nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews)

Dissolve the sugar in the water over a low flame in the copper pan. Add the nuts, stirring continuously until the water evaporates.

Once the water has evaporated, keep stirring. The sugar will start to melt and then caramelize. Low heat and patience. Keep going until the nuts are all coated in the caramelized sugar but be sure not to let it burn.

These are a great snack to serve at a party and few people will believe you made these yourself.

Now that you know the secret, why not try making these at home? Let us know if they were a hit.

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Jan 15

If you are a fellow food blogger or just a reader looking for good sources of new recipes, take a look at RecipeBuzz. A new site we just launched.

At RecipeBuzz, you’ll find the latest post titles from your favorite food bloggers. If you have a blog you’d like included, please stop by and submit it. Any blog who posts recipes on at least two of their prior five posts will be consider for inclusion.

Catch the Buzz!

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Dec 16

There are times that we are served something in a restaurant or friend’s house and it looks tough to make, but once you do it, you have to laugh at its simplicity. This is one of those dishes.

This is a 15oz piece of brie, right out of the package, trust us, don’t peel off the rind. Place it on a pre-made pie crust and top with 3 TBL jam. We used strawberry.

Fold over the crust, you may need to cut a bit to fit the very center of the top, the sides should have enough overlap to do this. Just press a bit to seal it shut. Pour 1/4 cup of maple syrup on top, then sprinkle with a few TBL brown sugar.

Put into a 350F oven and bake until it’s golden brown. Ovens vary quite a bit, in ours it took about 50 minutes. Serve with your favorite crackers or French Bread. Some people like to served sliced apples with this as well. Also, a search for Baked Brie recipes showed some that used puff pastry, a bit lighter than this, or crescent rolls. Sorry, that didn’t appeal to us.

Have you ever made baked brie? How does your recipe differ? What do you serve it with? We liked this dish as it took minutes to prep, in the time it took to heat the oven, this was ready to go in. Enjoy!

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